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the rhythms of electromagnetic emissions, their psychogeophysics and micrological auscultation


Almost any electronic communication device can be transformed into a generator of sound, rhythms and melodies. Likewise are we surrounded by digitally coded electromagnetic infospheres.

“Detektors” is firstly (A) a cartography of user-generated geolocational sound recordings, logs and walks, which reveal these¬†hidden electromagnetic geographies, spaces and topologies of our urban areas and secondly (B) a database and catalog of sonic studies of electromagnetic emissions produced by our everyday electronic devices.

“Detektors” is an open, collaborative project which uses sonic strategies and DIY-devices to make audible the hidden infoscapes of our time. The present website will show data, recordings and cartographies of different spectral ecologies and trans-sonic machinic agencements. is initiated by Martin Howse and Shintaro Miyazaki.
Google Maps API Programming: Yoshito Maeoka.

Copyright Project Detectors 2010.
Initiated by Martin Howse and Shintaro Miyazaki.
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